TNL establishes individual toponome projects in the labs of customers or in-house on contract basis.

It is the overall goal of TNL to transfer the Imaging Cycler® technology and the knowledge in toponome technology and research to external life science institutions to fathom the toponome in health and disease. TNL provides a team of specialists able to help TNL´s contract partners to establish, run and integrate toponome projects in their individual biomedical research programs and to enhance the toponome imaging technology. These specialists comprise engineers, software developers, and biologists, who all have long term experience in the usage of Imaging Cycler® (a system for imaging of the toponome) in biology and medicine. Projects include consulting of customers to establish Imaging Cycler® in their labs, integrating Imaging Cycler® Software and specifically adapting it to individual needs, and training the cooperation partners´ staff in the usage of the technology. Projects may include long term coaching by TNL.



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